Los Wages

Often found playing at clubs, parties, corporate venues and resorts, Los Wages has forged a reputation as being a raw, exciting and professional act. Their easy-going and laid-back attitude and nature just seems to fit in well with the many audiences who constantly call on them for repeat performances.

The band has been together in this format for ten years, cutting their teeth on playing music and hits from 60s through to today, with an emphasis on music by the hitmakers of our times. They instill their performances with energy, feel and spontenaity rather than just pouring out the same old rehearsed set night after night.

Their gigs are filled with fun and humour, often incorporating crowd interaction as part of the act. And with the range and variety of songs in their set list, crowds of differing ages and musical tastes appreciate the memories and renditions provided by this band. Audiences are often encouraged to request songs and be involved in the fun

The type of event may dictate the type of music required - from light acoustic and soft pop to heavy rock-based dancing material. No matter what the requirement, Los Wages can accommodate. Please take the time to look over this web site and if you need further information or details, do not hesitate to make contact by emailing us at: theband@loswages.com



Lead guitar, vocals

Adrian has been playing guitar for well over thirty years and provides driving rhythm and soaring lead breaks in Los Wages. His vocal ability is also showcased on many songs in the band's repertoir.

Ade had been heavily influenced by music from the Beatles in his younger days, particularly with respect to George Harrison's slide guitar work (some of the songs in the current set list feature Adrian\'s slide work). He also lists Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and Stevie Ray Vaughan as major influences on his musical growth.

He has spent several years playing lead guitar in numerous pub/club bands (including Diversion & Highway 31) before settling with this current band.

Adrian is most noted for his dry and quirky sense of humour which is often so quick that people don't notice a joke has been said until some time later. In most cases, it probably would have been wiser to not tell the joke at all! Adrian is often referred to as the one who oversteps the mark more often than any other. Being a fan of Benny Hill probably doesn't help him here!



Keys, bass guitar, vocals

Alby is the Los Wages bass guitarist & keyboardist, and also vocalist. His musical tastes are heavily influenced by leading British acts (The Beatles, The Who, Oasis, U2, Robbie Williams) as well as others such as Crowded House, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Matchbox 20. He stresses, however, that his musical tastes change from day to day.

He has played in bands since his teenage years (including with Adrian whilst they were still at high school).

Alby is noted as being the band member who most understands Ade's quirky humour. To this end, he is often the only one laughing when Adrian makes a joke and therefore raises questions about his mental state of mind. He enjoys socialising but often complains even when nothing is wrong - a skill learnt from playing with many different drummers over the years.



Rhythm guitar, bass guitar, vocals

Steve is a very likeable and fun fellow who enjoys having chats over a drink of scotch or some similar substance. He is also a bit of a practical joker and keeps the band on its toes (and wide awake at 4am) with some generally spontaneous pranks. He was (deservedly according to Adrian) head-butted in the groin by a woman requesting a song once. Surprisingly, he was not adversely affected and he still sings in a low, deep voice.

Steve's primary role in Los Wages is to play rhythm guitar and he provides vocals on many songs.

Occasionally, he will be called upon to play bass guitar. His musical influences derive from a variety of guitar-based bands including Creedence Clearwater Revival and notable Australian rock acts such as the Angels and ACDC. Current favourites include Green Day and Pearl Jam.

He has been playing in guitar bands for many years, including an original rock/punk band in the early eighties in which he had penned several songs.

Our Drummers

We love to use multiple drummers, however more recently we decided to have only one drummer at a time.



Joe is an experienced drummer, and father of small children, Joe developed Rhythm Fun programs to teach young children basic musical concepts and engage them in playing and enjoying music in a fun and supportive environment.

Having now worked with over 30 pre-schools, many of whom have asked him to run more workshops, and with more and more pre-schools booking Rhythm Fun sessions, Joe's business is growing rapidly

We love playing with Joe who is so professional, versatile and also has great singing ability.



Known for his high aptitude for rhythm, passion, swing and versatility to different musical genres, Johnny Tesoriero is a professional drummer based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Johnny has been signed to Albert Productions (with Valve, endorsed by George Young and Harry Vander), Virgin EMI and independent record labels. Career highlights include TV appearances on Vizard, Rove, Channel V, MTV and The Basement. Johnny has played with The Pictures supporting Oasis, Foo Fighters and The Killers. He has also performed with the former lead singer of The Easybeats, Stevie Wright and appeared in his book, ‘Hard Road.’

Most recently, Johnny has played and recorded with Jimi Hocking and Blues Roulette as well as Anna Scionti on her Junkbox Racket album.

Johnny is proud to be endorsed by Instanbul Agop cymbals.



Damian is the origianl and long standing drummer in Los Wages providing a solid and rhythmical backing for the band. He also assumes the role of percussionist in acoustic gigs.

He listens (and is influenced by) a huge variety of musical styles but he grew up listening to the music of the Beatles and the Who. Like most drummers, he cites Keith Moon (the Who) as a major influence on his musical growth. Having played music for several years (primarily drums, although he can play a bit of guitar) Damian has performed in a large number of bands and musical combos.

Damian is Ade's brother. This means that whenever there is an issue at hand, two members will "go at it" regardless of time or place. In fact, some of their on-stage stoushes have become somewhat legendary (much to the delight of audiences). Damian is now one of the most relaxed members of the band (it was not always so). In fact, he is so relaxed, he often needs to get woken up in preparation for a show and he will quite often be the first one back to bed after the show is over. That's dedication!!!

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